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3 Signs You Know It Is Time To Replace Your Toothbrush

Posted by on Dec 23, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on 3 Signs You Know It Is Time To Replace Your Toothbrush

Everyone knows it is important to replace your toothbrush often. The dentist and toothbrush distributors will tell you that you should be replacing your brush at certain intervals in time. However, you might be wondering if there are other signs that will let you know that you need to replace your toothbrush. Here are some things to look for to know it is time for a new brush. 1. Your Bristles Have Become Soft The bristles play an incredibly important role in your brushing experience. If your bristles are not sturdy enough they will not adequately remove the plaque and bacteria from your teeth. Consequently, even though you may be brushing often, if your brush has bristles are too soft, then you are not getting the cleaning you think you are. For this reason, you should check your toothbrush stiffness...

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Protect Your Oral Health During Pregnancy

Posted by on Dec 18, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Protect Your Oral Health During Pregnancy

When you’re carrying a child, managing your health is important. Don’t forget to also properly manage your oral health needs. Pregnancy can increase your risk of certain oral conditions, and for woman already dealing with dental concerns, pregnancy can sometimes exacerbate these problems. Learn how to keep your mouth happy and healthy throughout your pregnancy. Get A Check-Up Even if it’s not time for your regular check-up, consider going to the dentist once you find out you’re expecting. This is especially important when it comes to women who are dealing with oral conditions like gingivitis. Pregnancy can sometimes make gingivitis worse. This isn’t just damaging when it comes to your oral health, but women who suffer from gum disease are also at an increased risk for pre-term birth and having a baby with a low birth weight. Going to...

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