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Whiter Teeth ~ There’s a Solution for Everyone Regardless of Dental Health

Whiter teeth are desired by many people, and some people even have an obsession with getting their teeth whiter. If you have severely discolored and stained teeth, you may feel that a sparkling smile is out of reach. The following are a few ways you could attain beautiful “pearly whites.”

Teeth Whitening

This is an option that can be done at home or in a dentist office. Dentists can provide proper fitting trays and the whitening solution for at home use. There are over-the-counter teeth whitening kits. When using over-the-counter whitening products, be mindful that some of them are harsh and may cause tooth damage. If you have sensitive teeth, teeth whitening may cause you temporary pain. You also need to be mindful of using at-home kits as recommended. Do not allow the solution to stay on your teeth longer than directed in an effort to achieve whiter teeth. Doing so can actually cause enamel damage. 


These are caps that dentists can place on teeth. They come in numerous shades of white, which means that they can easily be matched to the “true color” you desire. Veneers are ideal if you have sensitive teeth or badly stained teeth. 

Tooth-colored Crowns

Sometimes people get stained teeth as the result of damaged teeth. This can happen when teeth are cracked, chipped, or decaying. Dentists can use tooth-colored crowns to prevent the teeth from getting damaged further. They can aid in reducing the chances of extractions being needed at a later date. 

Dental Implants

Perhaps you have severe tooth decay. This means that you likely have some cavities that are very noticeable due to discoloration. Sometimes dentists have to take a more aggressive approach such as tooth extractions. This will mean that certain tooth whitening solutions will not be an option for the missing teeth. Dental implants are an ideal solution for whiter teeth if you have or will have your teeth extracted. If you experience mouth trauma in the future and your teeth get knocked out, dental implants are also ideal. 

A cosmetic dentist is a good resource to use to determine which options for whiter teeth are best for you. They can also suggest other things you can do to ensure your teeth stay white. For example, whitening toothpaste or custom-fit, at-home whitening trays might be suggested. Sometimes dentists have to incorporate multiple cosmetic solutions to give their patients the appearance of beautiful, white teeth.