Up Your Dental Care Game In The New Year With These Tips

30 December 2016
 Categories: Dentist, Blog

If you want to make a change for the better this year, a great place to start is with your teeth. Improving your dental care is one of the fastest, easiest ways to improve your health because the steps are so small and the results so apparent. Building upon already established habits is a good way to start upping that dental game.

Switch to a Non-Alcohol Mouthwash

If you currently use a mouthwash that contains alcohol, try switching to one that does not contain alcohol. Alcohol can be fairly astringent and potentially irritating, which is not good if you have sensitive gums or other sensitive oral tissue. Some non-alcohol mouthwashes also contain xylitol instead of sugar, helping to cut down on the chances of tooth decay. Note that you don't have to use mouthwash daily, but it can help wash away bacteria that your toothbrush missed.

Time Your Brushing

Your twice-daily brushing habit is a good start, but you also need to ensure you're brushing for a long enough time. Giving your teeth a swipe with a brush and some toothpaste does nothing. You have to brush for a longer time, concentrating on hitting every tooth with repeated brushing action. Try singing (in your head, obviously) a short tune and brushing along with that. If each tooth can get a fairly respectable amount of scrubbing with the toothbrush, it will look and feel a lot better. Another tactic is to divide your jaws into imaginary sections and consciously spend time brushing each and every section.

Get Your Toothbrushes Ready for the Year

Speaking of toothbrushes, prepare your toothbrush for the year by getting rid of it if it's old. In fact, even if you haven't been using yours for a long time, toss it and start the year with a fresh brush. Ensure you have a few spare brushes waiting because you'll have to change your toothbrush again every few months. Fresh toothbrushes are better at removing debris from teeth and aren't as likely to start poking your gums. Remember to use a soft-bristled brush for brushing your teeth, and try to get a brush head that's angled slightly -- it will make it easier to reach way in back around your back molars.

If you want more tips on making this year a great one for your teeth, contact a dentist like Mapletree Family Dentistry. Remember to get cleanings each year and a set of x-rays to ensure you stay on top of potential dental problems.