Whiter Teeth ~ There’s a Solution for Everyone Regardless of Dental Health

23 January 2017
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Whiter teeth are desired by many people, and some people even have an obsession with getting their teeth whiter. If you have severely discolored and stained teeth, you may feel that a sparkling smile is out of reach. The following are a few ways you could attain beautiful "pearly whites." Teeth Whitening This is an option that can be done at home or in a dentist office. Dentists can provide proper fitting trays and the whitening solution for at home use. Read More 

Up Your Dental Care Game In The New Year With These Tips

30 December 2016
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If you want to make a change for the better this year, a great place to start is with your teeth. Improving your dental care is one of the fastest, easiest ways to improve your health because the steps are so small and the results so apparent. Building upon already established habits is a good way to start upping that dental game. Switch to a Non-Alcohol Mouthwash If you currently use a mouthwash that contains alcohol, try switching to one that does not contain alcohol. Read More 

A General Overview Of What You Should Expect When Your Dentist Does A Class II Restoration On A Tooth

16 December 2016
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The amalgam used to fill cavities in teeth can deteriorate over time and allow bacteria to get into the tooth. The bacteria will eat away at the tooth and will eventually cause the deterioration to worsen to the point that the tooth will break apart and crumble. To avoid losing the tooth, a dentist will clean out the cavity in the tooth and rebuild it with a composite resin that looks and feels like real tooth bone. Read More 

Tips To Make Caring For Your Dental Implants Simple

30 November 2016
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You can't get a cavity in a dental implant, but that doesn't mean that you can stop caring for your teeth completely. Proper oral hygiene habits need to continue if you want to keep your remaining teeth, but proper care also protects your implants. Because your implants are fused directly into your jaw, you care for them as you would your natural teeth — for the most part. You just need to make a few adjustments to your normal routine. Read More 

Four Ways To Make Tooth Brushing More Fun For Your Kids

10 November 2016
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It's no secret that regular and thorough tooth brushing will help keep your kids' teeth healthy. But telling your kids to brush their teeth is not always enough to convince them that this is a habit they need to maintain. To ensure your kids do spent time brushing their teeth each day – and that this habit sticks for life – you need to find ways to make tooth brushing fun. Read More